Blogs, Books and Opinions. That is what I write. I blog on hrchitects.net and on securexblog.be. I have published two books. The first was on customised work, together with Frank Vander Sijpe. The second on Sustainable Leadership.


As a Keynote Speaker I support organisations and schools by sharing ideas and experiences. Topics are Sustainable Leadership, Customised Work and HR with an Impact. I am worki,ngh to do a program on careers for youngsters in school (Age 17


It’s early days, but I like to draw otolithical cartoons that help people to understand the essence of the situation. Maybe some day they will get published.

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The reason why otolith exists is to develop and share ideas. I'd love to hear yours.

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A Visionary Leader and Influencer

David is one of those few leaders who really inspire their environment. His ability to share knowledge and insights & encourage people for a mutual goal is amazing. Keywords to describe David are visionary leader & influencer.

Frederik Anseel University Ghent

Inspiring Writer and Presenter

David is an inspiring writer and presenter of new and original perspectives on sustainable leadership and working with people in general. David combines expertise, knowledge, experience and a good sense of humor to help our leaders in taking the next step in sustainable leadership, resulting in engagement, trust and ownership.

Alain De Dauw VP HR - Atlas Copco

My Topics

My Topics are Sustainable Leadership, the future of work (customisation) and HR with an Impact.