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May 25th, @ 10:00 am CET in Dutch

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Leaders in the Twilight Zone

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Past Webinars

Everybody Matters.

April 24, 2020, @ 11:30 am CET

How to Build Trust in times of Crisis?

Well-being in Times of Crisis

April 29, 2020, @ 5 pm CET

Learn from 2 experts about how to deal with Well-being in your organisation.

Presence is the Essence

May 4th, 2020, @ 5 pm CET

Insights from 70 conversations with coaches.

Building a Coaching Culture

April 9, 2020, @ 5 pm CET

How to build a coaching culture. Now or Never?

Leading a Team that is not there

April 1, 2020, @ 6 pm CET

How to lead a team remotely?