Hermina Van Coillie

Hermina Van Coillie

Expert in Motivation

Hermina Van Coillie obtained a PhD in 2004 at the KULeuven (Quantitative and Personality Psychology). After 2 years as a post-doctoral researcher at the KUL, she started as a research expert in the Securex study center, HR Research in 2006 .
She has written several white papers, reports, press releases, scientific articles, and often appears in the national and regional press. She is a much sought after speaker and often gives lectures, workshops, guest lectures and master classes on her research topics.
These activities and publications are all linked to the sustainable employability of employees: “How can we keep everyone working in a respectful way with passion and meaningfulness for as long as possible?”
In recent years she has specialized in topics such as aging and working longer, burn-out, bore-out, well-being, mobility, flexibility, time and place-independent work, work addiction, work-life balance, part-time work, motivation in the workplace and leadership. For this, she often relies on scientific self-determination theory.
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Hermina delivers keynote to small and bigger audiences about what we know about human motivation and the application to business life.

Facilitation and Intervision

To support the development of people, Hermina organizes intervisions. Intervisions are collective learning moments during which people discuss concrete cases.


Based on her research background, Hermina can set up research processes in your organization. She focuses on the field of motivation and its application.

Advisory Work

Hermina can support you in the development of your organization. Like the other Otolith consultants she can advise you on how human behavior impacts your business and how to build human-centric strategies.

Together with Anja Van den Broek (KU Leuven) Hermina Van Coillie has written a book on “Motivation without controlling” (in Dutch) that will be published during Q1 2021.