Leen Cole

About Leen

Leen Cole is an experienced HR consultant. She holds a master degree in Organizational Psychology. Before becoming a self-employed consultant, she worked for Actiris (then BGDA) and Securex. She focuses on interim HR, HR projects, assessment and development of people.

Leen joined Otolith in 2018 as senior consultant. She is Hogan (TM) accredited. She is accredited coach with the School for coaching.




Interim HR

Leen has been working for several organizations to enhance the impact of HR and bring it to a next level. Often she prepares the ground for a new HR professional.

HR Projects

Leen leads HR projects for her customers. Topics are: Employee satisfaction, competency management, talent management, health, absenteeism.

Team Development

Leen works with Middle Management Teams to improve leadership, collaboration and feedback. She coaches middle managers in their leadership, personal effectiveness and soft skill (communication, feedback). She has worked in both administrative, government and production environments.

Assessment and Development

Leen has a broad experience in the construction and execution of assessments in selection and development.

Keep it simple.

Leen Cole