Our Story
Strategy Design & Strategic Facilitation


Otolith facilitates strategic thinking and strategic action. Together with our customers, we design a strategic vision and a plan to execute it. We use our Audeio methodology to lead the way.



Our leadership approach helps executives and their teams to develop and become drivers of progress and change.

Strategic Transformation


We help organizations to develop the capabilities they need. Every strategy is about transformation. We handle strategy execution as such.



We focus on making sure people are willing and able to contribute sustainably to the execution of the strategy. This is the essence of HR.

Inspiration &


We give inspiration to leaders and employees in organizations through keynotes, blogs, and books. We also share our know-how with colleagues in the consulting and coaching industry.

We work on diagnostics, advice, and consultancy. Usually, we define the challenge, we design the plan, and we support the implementation.


Strategic Capabilities Assessment

The SCA focuses on the level of development of the strategic capabilities of your organization. Every strategy requires capabilities. The SCA reveals also differences in perceptions in an executive team.

Organizational Culture Scan

Infinity R5

We assess your organization’s culture to find out its strengths and challenges. It is important to find out how the culture works when changes are due, when a merger is coming etc. If you’re interested in a cultural due diligence, we can support that.

Leadership Scan

Hogan Based

Discover the quality of your leadership. The leadership scan is a collective analysis of how leadership is experienced within your organization.

Wellbeing Scan

Burnout & Stress

We analyse the state of mental health in your organization or team, using the BAT.

Trust Indicator

Trust is the basic requirement for cooperation, leadership, and learning. For leaders, trustworthiness is the first output. The Trust Indicator measures the trustworthiness of a leader or a management team. The feedback is intense and actionable.

Team Scan

Collaboration is key. We analyse compatibility, complimentarity and quality of teamwork, using tools like the Team Quality Indicator, the AEM Cube, according to the needs of the team.

Motivation Analysis

Motivation is the fuel for action. We analyse the level and the quality of motivation in your organization or team.


Strategic Facilitation

Using proven methods of facilitation we guide the executive team towards a strategic decision. We are certified in Metaplan, Lego Serious PLay, Strategic Doing, Visual Harvesting.

Team Coaching

An organization is constructed through the teams. We help teams to reach a g-higher maturity through our coaching approach.

Inspiration & Keynotes

We share our insights through keynotes and workshops. Every keynote is built on the target of the organization.

Change Management

We develop a change approach together with you. Our approach is tailor made but is built on our experience, scientific insights and data-analysis.

Leadership Development

We define the leadership brand and help leaders to develop through executive coaching or learning journeys.

HR Strategy Design

We build an HR approach that is part of your business strategy. Our experience in HR in international organizations enables our customers to move fast. 


Interim HR Management

If needed we can offer interim management, focused on HR implementations.

Training & Learning Support

Our pragmatic training and learning approach allows organizations to develop strategic capabilities. We focus on leadership, cooperation and change.

Project Management

We offer help in implementing specific programs and projects.


Coaching is a way to accelerate implementation by helping people to gain insights, take responsibiliy and make decisions about their own behavior.