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We offer keynotes to organizations. Our keynotes are based on both practice and science. You can find some title below.

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David DucheyneFounder of Otolith

Sustainable Leadership

David Ducheyne

How to lead in a VUCA World.

Well-Being in Organizations

Eva De Winter

Wellbeing is not a matter of individual health alone.

Resilience, a Triple 3 Approach

David Ducheyne

How to develop organizational resilience.


Karl Van Hoey

How to increase your impact as a leader?

Fear & Courage

Philippe Persyn

How to develop psychological safety.

How to Lead a Team that is Not There?

David Ducheyne

Leading in a virtual world.

Presence is the Essence

Karl Van Hoey

How to coach people by being present.

HR of the Future

David Ducheyne

How does HR of the future look like.