Business and HR Leader

David Ducheyne

Believer in the Power of Strategy

David had 25 years of business experience before he became an independent consultant. He worked for companies like Alcatel, Securex, Case New Holland and Henkel.

His personal motto is “go against the grain“. It’s the title of a song by Garth Brooks (yes, he is not ashamed of that). It means that you should not be afraid to speak up, to take risks, to experiment.

He is an organizational psychologist (Ghent University) and followed management training (Vlerick / Leuven) and executive courses (INSEAD, London Business School). He is a trained facilitator, coach, and trusted advisor.

Besides that, he is also an author. He co-authored two books on Customisation of work and is the author of Sustainable Leadership.

He is the founder of Otolith and also the founding president of the Belgian Association of HR Professionals.

Today he works with management teams to improve the execution of their strategy. 

You can read his blogs here.

Strategic Facilitation

David is trained in facilitation (Metaplan, Strategic Doing, Visual Harvesting) and helps teams and organizations to solve (big) problems, build strategies, and find the next step forward. His hands-on style that focuses on solutions rather than on problems, propels teams forward.

People Strategies

As an experienced HR leader he helps organizations with their people strategy. Although he believes people strategies should be a part of overall business strategy, he still sees the need for organizations to define how they will make sure people are willing and able to perform sustainably in order to create competitive advantage.


As one of his activities he mentors business leaders to help them progress. Mentoring for him means to be available for others and share all the experiences, insights he has and boosting development through asking the necessary questions. He is a certified personal coach (Antwerp Management School) and is certified in the Hogan Assessment Suite.


Since 2000 David has delivered keynotes to a variety of audiences. His topics are Leadership, HR of the future, Customized Work, ...
He is proud never to deliver twice exactly the same keynote.