The Otolith Library

If you visit us in the Otolith House, you can go through the library. It’s a physical library in the countryside with books about human behavior, strategy, philosophy. We try and keep up-to-date with recent insights that help us to improve the advice we give to our customers.

We are building a digital version of this library on Goodreads.

And from time to time you can read a blog in which we integrate the literature into an opinion. You can access these blogs below.

Book Review

After us, the Deluge

"After us, the deluge", means that we do not take responsibility for our actions. Once we're dead we cannot be held accountable for what we've done wrong and we shift…

Misfits Build Organizational Resilience

We tend to work people who compy to a norm. Building resilience might require us to embrace people who deviate from the norm, the misfits. Empathizing versus Systemizing One of…
Book Review

Customers the Day After Tomorrow

The future of strategy is a strategy fully focussed on customers. (more…)
Social Technologies
Book Review

The Power of Social Technologies in Business.

This is a blog inspired by the book "Social Technologies in Business" by Isabel De Clercq. Two Questions Imagine an organization where people can say whatever they want, when they…

Visit the Otolith Library

You can visit the Otolith House and its small library in the countryside between Bruges and Ghent. Book a day with your team for an inspiring meeting with our without facilitation.

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